The PEREGRINE Wearable Interface – Medium Glove

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Rapid Speed Action – No More Searching For Keys
Over 30 Programmable TouchPoints
Breathable Washable & Durable

Note: Not a replacement for a keyboard or a mouse. This product may be used for any application where keyboard shortcuts are frequently used.

The Peregrine gaming glove revolutionizes the computer gaming
experience, making it faster, more accurate and more comfortable to
play popular games like StarCraft 2, World of WarCraft and Defense of
the Ancients. This innovative new product is a customizable input
device designed to augment the keyboard and give gamers a competitive
edge by taking advantage of the most powerful tool we have – the human
hand. Compatible with all genres of PC games, and optimized for
real-time strategy (RTS) and massively multiplayer online (MMO)
titles, The Peregrine gaming glove has 18 Touch Points and 3 Activator
Pads, which give you more than 30 instantly-accessible actions. Simply
tap your fingers or palm to maneuver, strike or cast spells. Control
your gaming experience with the touch of a finger. No need to look
down or fumble around, hunting for keys – The Peregrine is simpler,
faster, and deadlier than any gaming keyboard. The Peregrine utilizes
standard keyboard drivers, so it works with any application that
accepts keyboard inputs – on Windows, Mac, or Linux. It’s constructed
of durable, flexible sensors, and comes with a magnetically-detachable
USB connector pod. It’s lightweight and well-ventilated, allowing for
hours of comfortable use without hand sweat. Spill something on it?
The Peregrine is hand-washable – just unplug the pod and run the glove
under some warm water. By bringing the hand closer to the game than
ever before, The Peregrine gives users lightning fast access to more
than 30 actions. With the limitless ability to customize control
schemes for any game or application, and universal compatibility
thanks to the use of standard keyboard drivers, The Peregrine is a
plug-and-play weapon of mass destruction. So? Ditch the keys. Own the
glove. Own the game.
Rapid Speed Action – No More Searching For Keys
Over 30 Programmable TouchPoints
Breathable Washable & Durable
Ultimate RTS & MMORPG Gaming
Optimized for WoW, DotA, League of Legends, StarCraft 2

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